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Equipment Hire

we have The right tools, for the right jobs.

f you are wanting to do your own handy work around the house, we have a large range of equipment hire for all types of home and garden renovations. Rent the equipment you need to get the job done fast and save.

Whether you’re renovating or in need of professional equipment, Baldivis Landscaping Supplies’ equipment hire makes your job easy.

Hire equipment is available for short and long term hire in the Baldivis, Settlers Hills, Rivergums, Karnup, Singleton, Secret Harbour, Golden Bay, Port Kennedy, Warnbro, Waikiki, Shoalwater, Rockingham Beach, Rockingham, Cooloongup, Hillman, Bertram, Wellard and Kwinana.

Auger/post hole digger hire

A light, handheld, petrol-powered tool, ideal for boring large diameter holes for fence post holes.

$83 Full Day 
$50 Half Day

brick saw hire balivis

brick saw hire

Block saws, also known as brick saws are used for building & construction, contractors & DIY projects. We have varieties of cutting saws for hire.

$115 Full Day 
$70 Half Day

Compactor Vertical Rammer hire

The compactor vertical rammer is used to compact soil and dirt through impact. They deliver a strong force that compresses the soil, pushing any air or water out.

$112 Full Day 
$84 Half Day

concrete demolition saw hire

concrete demolition saw hire

Concrete Demolition Saws have various use cases. They can be used to make penetrations in concrete, widen openings of doorways, cut concrete kerbs or make openings in a brick wall.

$115 Full Day 
$70 Half Day

core drill hire baldivis

core drill hire

This 3-speed diamond core drill offers efficient drilling performance. Drills between 52mm and 162mm in concrete, asphalt or sandstone.

Core Bit 52mm – $25
Core Bit 75mm – $33
Core Bit 102mm – $44
Core Bit 127mm – $54
Core Bit 162mm – $64

$88 Full Day 
$50 Half Day

jack hammer hire baldivis

jack hammer hire with chisel & pick hire

Handheld jackhammers are used for breaking up horizontal slabs of concrete and other demolition tasks.

$83 Full Day 
$50 Half Day

jack hammer hire baldivis

jack hammer hire with tile tool & pick hire

With the tile tool attachment, this jackhammer is an effective solution for removing tiles.

$83 Full Day 
$50 Half Day

Lawn Aerator Hire

This self-propelled lawn aerator is used to core holes into compacted lawns. Removing the cores allows the soil to loosen and water to feed directly to the root system.

TIP: Wet lawn before use to extract lawn plugs better.

$160 Full Day 
$110 Half Day

lawn mower hire

Keep your grass looking top-notch and hire one of our lawn mowers!

$45 Full Day 
$27 Half Day

lawn roller (Water) Hire

Water rollers are a convenient gardener and landscaper tool for maintaining a lawn, laying turf, seeding and establishing a new lawn.

Just fill with water and you are on your way!

$27 Full Day 
$20 Half Day

(Petrol) pressure washer Hire

Petrol pressure washers can clean most areas of a home or a worksite without worrying about electric power

$92 Full Day 
$56 Half Day

rotary hoe Hire

A powerful, walk-behind, petrol-powered machine ideal for one person to break up hard soil and clay for initial lawn and garden preparation.

$62 Full Day 
$42 Half Day

sand leveller hire baldivis

sand leveller Hire

A large walk-behind rake on pneumatic wheels. Ideal for levelling larger areas of loam, sand, etc. in preparation for new lawns, paving etc.

$27 Full Day 
$20 Half Day

screed hire baldivis

screed Hire

A light, easy-to-use hand tool for levelling freshly laid concrete or preparing the sand base for laying pavers. 3 sizes are available.

$30 Full Day 
$25 Half Day

power broom sweeper Hire baldivis

power broom sweeper Hire

This Power Broom Sweeper cleans flat surfaces of sand, gravel and leaves from footpaths, roads, driveways and even artificial turf.

$70 Full Day 
$45 Half Day

trencher hire baldivis

trencher Hire (300MM)

This trencher is simple to use because of its set digging depths.

The slim design means it can fit through narrow gates and doorways.

$125 Full Day 
$76 Half Day

turf cutter Hire

This turf cutter has a low centre of gravity, and a vibration-isolated handle to make it smooth and stable to use.

$160 Full Day 
$110 Half Day

Vertimower Hire

This Vertimower is used to dethatch lawns by removing old, dead lawn layers so that the lawn regenerates itself without being spongy to walk on.

$165 Full Day 
$110 (4 Hours)

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