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The Atlantis Soakwell kits system provides underground water storage of unlimited capacity and can be installed in various volumes, shapes and depths to meet specific project requirements.

The entire project location can be used as a catchment area including stormwater, landscape and roof areas providing the water storage capacity to meet your requirements.
Suitable for both residential and commercial installation projects, it maximizes land usage and minimizes stormwater runoff.

Drainage – Water Management – Stormwater Solutions – Underground Tanks


  • Flat packed, light weight – easy to transport
  • Easy DIY assembly and installation
  • Each soakwell will handle a 50 m² roof catchment – Water storage capacity 119.47 litres
  • Can withstand weights up to 22 tons per m²
  • No clogging with 50 kL/day flow rate
  • Reduced maintenance costs – All debris and sediment is removed by pre-filtration
  • Modular – Easily create any shape and size to suit site requirements.
  • Cost Effective – Reduces excavation and disposal by two thirds compared with conventional soakwells.
  • Made from 100% recycled plastic poly propylene, and free from chemical contaminants.

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