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Vegie Mix – Soil improver

– Poultry Manure  – Composted Organics  – Sand and Peat  – Gingin Loam

A rich organic mix ideal for establishment of a veggie patch. Also excellent for most domestic landscaping requirements. Excellent water retention properties and rich in natural organic nutrients.

$80 per cubic metre, $28 per scoop.

Landscape Mix – Soil improver

– Provides rich organic nutrients, good moisture retention and wettability.

Complies to Australian standards 4419 for a premium landscape mix.

Suitable for the quick establishment of lawn and plants. Ideal for the professional small or large areas.

$75 per cubic metre, $27.50 per scoop.

Lawn Mix – Top Dressing (not available during April – August winter months)

– Topdressing sand  – Poultry Manure  – Gingin Loam

Excellent topdressing for stimulating tired lawns and levelling uneven lawns.

$75 per cubic metre, $27.50 per scoop.

Metro Mix – Soil Conditioner

– Screened Peat  – Composted Organic Green Waste

Organic black compost provides nutrients, trace elements and stimulating microbial activity. Must be dug in well to the soil.

$85 per cubic metre, $30 per scoop.