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Soils & Sand

A garden is a reflection of the quality of its soil.

You don’t need to understand the chemistry and composition of your soils to create the perfect environment for fertile plant growth. But good soil management is a continual process, and once you attend to the basics, your soil will do most of the work itself.

Vegie mix - soil improver

Poultry Manure – Composted Organics – Sand and Peat – Gingin Loam

A rich organic mix ideal for the establishment of a veggie patch. Also excellent for most domestic landscaping requirements. Excellent water retention properties and rich in natural organic nutrients.

Landscape Mix – Soil improver

Provides rich organic nutrients, good moisture retention and wettability.

Complies to Australian standards 4419 for a premium landscape mix.

Suitable for the quick establishment of lawn and plants. Ideal for the professional small or large areas.

Lawn Mix – Top Dressing

(not available during April – August winter months)

Topdressing sand – Poultry Manure – Gingin Loam

Excellent topdressing for stimulating tired lawns and levelling uneven lawns.

Metro Mix – Soil Conditioner

Screened Peat – Composted Organic Green Waste

Organic black compost provides nutrients, trace elements and stimulates microbial activity. Must be dug in well to the soil.


A versatile soil improver 

The plush lawn is a medium-maturity super fine top dresser for use on turfed areas. Long-lasting and immediate release of nutrients to stimulate growth.

all the above soils are:

Certified in accordance with NASAA Organic and Biodynamic Standard (NOS) Accreditor: IOAS (Reg#: 11) – ISO/IEC 17065

More than just landscaping supplies