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Stones & Gravel

Landscaping with Stones & GRAVEL

When most gardeners dive into a landscaping project, they typically and naturally think of plants. But landscaping with stones & gravel can be a refreshing way to add texture, colour, and interest to your yard.

Rainbow Stones

Rainbow stone is a light, multi-coloured quartz gravel that is used as a decorative mulch, or in pathways and exposed aggregate applications.


Summerstone is a premium, decorative stone made from multi-coloured quartz. It is a lighter colourway of the Rainbow Rock.

River Stone

River stones are a beautiful blend of grey/cream/pink. Commonly used as ground cover, or as a water feature in ponds.

Cracked Pea Gravel

A great product for budget-conscious customers, who want a natural, warm feel to their path or mulched garden area. 

Cracker Dust

Cracker Dust is a fine screening of crushed granite most commonly used as a base material under artificial lawns or pavers.

Road Base

Road base compacts well creating a stable layer of support below sand for paving, paths, or driveways. It also provides a solid bed underneath decorative pebbles or decomposed granites.

Blue Metal

Blue metal is crushed down from the dark-coloured Basalt rock.

Generally used as the aggregate component in concrete for footings, pads, and driveways. It may also be used at the bottom of pots to help with drainage.

Crushed Limestone

Typically used as a sub-base for areas such as footpaths and driveways.

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